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*passes blunt

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☆~ It’s emergency commission time! ~

Life’s been a bit of a jerk to me recently and usually I try to take care of things on my own, and I’m really trying over here, but I could use some help. I’m kinda in a pinch for money and I don’t make enough from my jobs. And unfortunately I’ve got a bunch of money needs piling up. I’m sorry to be another needy soul asking for money but I could really use some help guys.

So I figure I’d try something different. These paper cut commissions will be $45 per character and will be free standing one-sided characters. That means no background/no frame/no backing on the character. Each character will be entirely made of paper with a bit of paint and coated in a thin layer of sealer to help protect it.

The price also include shipping for the final character (if you want it shipped to you). I know it’s expensive and a lot of people probably can’t afford to help out, but I’ll be grateful even if you only help share this. Anything you can do is greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading!

Message me if you’d like a commission with what character you’d like done. All payments will be through Paypal.

On a side note: I ordered a charger for my computer so hopefully I’ll be back online soon enough. I’m borrowing my roomies charger atm >.>

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OK first you’re being a total dick right now,

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Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me…

Yo ho yo HOW ABOUT NO! >A<

Rushed little doodle of Foxy because I love/hate him so much.

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You all think this. I know you do.

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